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Master Ceramist Pinhas Adar

About Pinhas Adar MDT, CDT

Originally trained at the at Ort Yad Shapiro in Tel Aviv and apprenticing in Zurich, Pinhas’ greatest education came from working chair side; being with patients every day, and seeing the physical and psychological effects of his work.

While pursuing his Masters in Technology, Adar met Dental Technician Willi Geller, a developer of breakthrough dental technology.  Geller mentored Adar and introduced him to the best that dentistry had to offer.  Pinhas later did his internship with Mr. Geller.

For years, Adar has been an in-demand Dental Technician with doctors and patients wanting his custom, signature Smile Designs; some clientele traveling as far away as Australia to see him in his Atlanta, GA studio. 

A fearless innovator, Pinhas has pushed the limits of common materials; taking them to new levels of esthetic performance unequalled in the industry. He also is a "professional problem solver" coming up with innovative ideas and proven processes to make dentistry more simple and save time.

Pinhas’ 35+ year career includes speaking engagements around the world and intensive training sessions.

Adar’s mission is “To provide the highest quality in dentall laboratory services and products available, and to fight the mediocrity that exists in dentistry today."     

His mission has also resulted in the Adar Success Academy for the improvement of all dental professionals teaching a unique mindset shift and process as well as teaching his proven systems and processes.

About Debby Adar

Debby Adar serves as Executive Vice President of Adar Dental Network, Inc., and Education Coordinator of Adar International, Inc. / Oral Design Center of Atlanta.

She has worked in Dentistry for 36 years, beginning at age 15 as a dental assistant after school. Her experience expanded into multi-disciplinary practices specializing in smile makeovers, implants, and single & full arch reconstructions as well as surgical reconstructions performed in hospitals.

She is knowledgeable in OSHA compliance management, infection control and clinical training, and has been featured in dental videos and television shows. Notable industry professionals have utilized Debby as a clinical research ghostwriter for 25 years.  Debby is currently one of Les Brown's Platinum Speakers and brings a message of hope and success to others with her message.

Debby built a $1 mill sales organization for an International business as well as teaching and training as the U.S. liaison for a Canadian based Facial Esthetics company. Throughout North America, she has trained various types of doctors and clinical staffs on Facial Esthetics and empowering others through anti-aging techniques.

  • Certified in Georgia for expanded duties
  • 2-year attendance of the ADA Orthodontic School
  • Nobel Biocare and 3I certifications for surgery and restorative procedures
  • X-ray and CPR certifications
  • Numerous OSHA update courses and continuing education classes