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Keynote: Take Charge of Your Life

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Are you spending your life spinning your wheels chasing someone else’s definition of a success?

Are you “majoring in the minors” by putting major emphasis on minor things? Minor things that get you sidetracked such as a fancy house, a fat bank account, or a faster car.

Chasing shiny objects makes you neglect the important things that make a significant difference in your life and in the lives of others.

You don’t want to find out that you have missed the whole point of life after it’s too late.

This presentation will help you understand how to look at your own life’s journey to see if you’re pursuing your own dream of success or one created by the media, family, or friends.

Then we’ll reveal strategies and explain simple methods to find your powerful purpose and live the meaningful life you deserve.

Overachievement is an addiction and it’s easy to be obsessed with climbing the ladder of success just to find out that your ladder was against the wrong wall.

Stop living an unbalanced life chasing hollow accomplishments. End the lifestyle of being overweight, overstressed, and overworked.

Learn to live a life of clarity and quality with family and friends.

Let Pinhas Adar help you discover your unique gifts and find your purpose and reason for occupying your special place on Earth.

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