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Advanced DVD Education



Even the most experienced and knowledgable Dental professionals keep valuable educational material within reach. No matter how many times they've performed procedures or accomplished spectacular results, they reinforce their advanced skills by observing solid, fundamental training. Adar has developed an essential educational library for Dental professionals seeking to regularly reinforce their knowledge to experience practice excellence.

The products used in the DVDs are for demonstration of the techniques, which can be easily adapted to systems with which you are most comfortable.

These DVDs will save you the expense involved in travel, lodging, and meals, and you can watch them over and over.

The Adar DVD Power Pack All 3 DVDs

Crowns - From Vision to Reality
The Trial Smile
Porcelain Laminate Veneers; Level 1

Educational DVDs Full Package for Dental Labs & Professionals


The Power Pack will pack power into your practice.

Whether you're a technician wanting to increase your market value and command higher fees, or a dentist wanting to know exactly how to get exceptional lab work, this series is the essential step to start your journey.  $390



By purchasing all 3 DVDs assembled in the Power Pack set, instead of buying the DVDs separately, you save $207

Crowns: From Vision to Reality

The Single Central Incisor - VITA VM7

Understand the fundamentals of fabricating a strikingly natural single anterior tooth by studying and duplicating internal tooth structure. Watch this controlled step-by-step process for replicating the effects of nature, modifying errors, and enhancing the effects of the internal structure of tooth layers. $199



Porcelain Laminate Veneers Level 1

Platinum Foil Technique - Creation CC

As a Dental Technician, you can master achieving different levels of translucency in veneers to give them unequaled beauty.

Demonstrated on a simulated prepped tooth which has been fabricated in porcelain, you will see the completed veneer's shade as the foil is removed. $199



NOTE: Completing this DVD is a prerequisite for enrollment in our ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE. Please email us for the schedule of this excellent educational resource.

The Trial Smile

Anaxdent Outline Acrylic

Educational DVD - Trial Smile - for Dentists and Labs

Setting patient expectations to avoid disappointment is key to a thriving practice and well-executed diagnostic temporaries are essential in this process. $199

This DVD will also teach you how to increase communication with the entire Dental team for successful and predictable case creation and delivery.